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Polycarboxylic Copolymer

Product information:

TD-HPC Polycarboxylate high-performance water reducing agent and cement particles adsorbed state offers toothed adsorption, which differs from naphthalene series and melamine-based rigid planar adsorption.  This adsorption state can produce “three-dimensional space ” repulsion interaction among the cement particles, so dispersion is particularly good.  The result is a lower water-reduction rate and concrete slump loss, less bleeding and so on. And is ideal for the preparation of high-strength, high-performance concrete admixtures.

Technical Data:

Appearance: Light Yellow liquid

Water reduction rate: 25%-40%

PH Value: 6-8

Condensation time: 2-6hours (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)


Solid content percentage: 40±1%

Performance features:

  • Good strength-increasing effect.  When this product is applied, the early strength of concrete can be improved by more than 70% and improved about 40% or more in 28 days.  This is especially suitable for high volumes of fly ash concrete.
  • Lower slump loss.  According to the test of the standard of pumping agent, the loss of slump is less than 30mm in one hour.
  • High durability.  This product can reduce the water-cement ratio effectively so as to reduce shrinkage and creep deformation.
  • High water reduction rate.  When the slump is about 80mm, water-reduction rate is more than 25%; when the slump is around 180mm, the rate is more than 33%.
  • Small consumption with low cost.  The usual dosage is 0.5% to 1.5% of the weight of the binding materials.
  • Green products.  The production process does not produce any pollution to the natural environment; in accordance with ISO14000 environmental management international standards.

Water reducing agent - Polycarboxylic Copolymer - Keteng Industries


The blend dosage (by weight) is 0.5%-1% that of the binding material, but 0.8%-1.2% is recommended.  The ideal amount should be subject to relevant experimentation.

ADD TD-HPC product at the same time water is added to the blender.

In order to find the ideal blend dosage, a trial mix test before use is strongly recommended.

Packing & Storage:

TD-HPC is liquid, stored in 200KG plastic casks. However, it can be packed according to the customer’s request.

This product will not expire if used within 1 year in an indoor environment.  It may be used after 1 year if a quality inspection is passed.

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